hit_the_books (hit_the_books) wrote,

We all go to Hell

Art Title: The Boy Who Became King
Prompt Number: S2009
Artist: aceriee

Fic Title: We all go to Hell
Author: hit_the_books
Fandom/Genre: AU- Canon Divergence, SPN case fic
Pairing(s): Gen
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Word Count: 16,000+
Warnings: None
Summary: Have you ever stopped and thought about what Hell might do if it no longer had a leader?

Well, neither had Team Free Will 2.0, until they had to...

Sam, stricken seemingly by madness, ends up in a secure clinic. But when Sam disappears from the clinic, Dean, Cas and Jack realize that this isn't Sam's life finally taking its toll on his mental health. Racing to find a way down into the depths of Hell, the rest of Team Free Will hope they can reach Sam in time and bring him back in one piece. Of course nothing is ever just that simple.

Art Link(s): Ao3 | tumblr
Fic Link(s): Ao3
Tags: my fic, spn fanart, spn fanfic, spn gen fic, spn reverse bang, supernatural
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