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Got some writing done and stuff

Today I updated my Supernatural Sastiel WIP Out of the Black, which is big for me, as I hadn't posted a new chapter since 12 August last year. I've been writing new chapters here and there, but as I said in the notes for chapter 9: life happened. I'm now finally getting back the headspace I need to work on the story.

(I'm planning on posting a new chapter every other week. I have five more chapters already drafted and my beta, Threshie, is checking them over for me when time allows.)

It felt good to finally post a new chapter, as I'd been sitting on a few, writing them when I had the headspace. I've completed almost two chapters in the past week and I know where the story is going, or rather the beats I want to hit. I think doing GISH has helped me get back some of my normal levels of creative drive, because if there's one thing GISH makes you do is get creative. Plus a slow rewatch of Supernatural is giving me ideas.

Onto my other main fandom: I signed up for the Check, Please! Polya-Epifest the other week, and submitted for claims on Tuesday. I am really looking forward to writing a gift fic for someone. I like writing gift fics quite a bit and I'm hoping that I do get one of my picks. I'm also really looking forward to getting a fanwork as well.

I'm also re-reading Check, Please! in preparation for writing awesomeness for my fest giftee. I think this must be the fourth time I've read it all the way through since getting into the comic during April 2018.

So sounds like I should sound off on what events I'm involved with at the moment:
  • Story and art for Team Free Will Big Bang (multiple ships, Supernatural, posts September)
  • Story for Polya-Epifest (poly ships, Check, Please!, posts December)
  • Story for SMPC in late August (Wincest, Supernatural)
  • Art for Dean/Cas Big Bang, if I'm successful in claiming (Destiel aka Dean/Cas, Supernatural, posting Oct-Nov)

I am also considering whether or not to sign up as an author for the SPN Reverse Bang (multiple ships, Supernatural, posting November), like I have done every year since 2016.

And yes, I said previously I wasn't signing up for more challenges, but being involved with half the challenges I previously was is still way more manageable.

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