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Getting there

Back in May, I talked about how I was trying to wind back my participation in bangs. Here's the new status of that list from then:

  • Wincest Reverse Bang (has a complete draft, edited)
  • OMG Check Please Reverse Bang (posted)
  • Team Free Will Big Bang (has a complete draft, needs a beta)
  • Dean/Cas Tropefest (posted)
  • SPN Dystopia Bang (posted art)
  • SMPC (I am signed up to post another story in a few months and will likely stick with it - need a story by end of June)
  • Check, Please! Kink Bingo (I wrote one story, but the Tumblr purge killed all the fun)
  • (Forgot to mention before) Dean/Cas Reverse Bang (posted art)
But I've also signed up to do art for one TFWBB story. So:
  • Team Free Will Big Bang (deal with own story, make art for another)
  • Wincest Reverse Bang (has a complete draft,edited)
  • SMPC (need a story by end of June)
I think that's pretty good going. The Wincest RB fic is posing June 22 and then I'll be down to two events. I'm already feeling the free time I have all of a sudden. To the extent that I have started working on my Sastiel WIP fic Out of the Black after giving it a read through last weekend. I have eight chapters posted on AO3 already, and four more in the bank (though my beta needs to check some of them out) and I'm halfway through writing chapter 13. It's been a long time since I could work on this fic, so I'm really happy about that.

I might sign up to do art for DCBB. I'm unsure at this time.

But, here's to getting back to awesome WIP!

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