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Going to be taking a break from challenges and bangs

Okay, first up: I am going to finish the bangs/challenges I am still signed up. That is:
  • Wincest Reverse Bang (needs a complete first draft, but is started)
  • OMG Check Please Reverse Bang (the story is finished and betaed, just needs some edits)
  • Team Free Will Big Bang (needs a complete first draft, but is started)
  • Dean/Cas Tropefest (my story is finished and is literally posting tomorrow)
  • SPN Dystopia Bang (I'm making art and I'm halfway through that)
  • SMPC (I am signed up to post another story in a few months and will likely stick with it)
  • Check, Please! Kink Bingo (I wrote one story, but the Tumblr purge killed all the fun)
But after all that, I'm stopping. Well, the only thing I might come back for are maybe Christmas fan work exchanges. If the Dean/Cas Secret Santa came back this year--I'd do it. Maybe a Check, Please! one, mainly because I do enjoy writing gift fic over Christmas.

I am coming to terms with the fact that I need to get over a sense of FOMO with regards to this year's Dean/Cas Big Bang, which is in its 10th year hence the FOMO. And I was signed up to do the Wincest Big Bang, but I dropped out about a month back.

Those who know me and have done for a while, know I've been pretty consistent with taking part in anything from 5 to 8+ challenges/bangs a year since 2015. Well, I think I have finally reached my limit.

I've basically gotten to the point where bangs and challenges I have signed up for are getting in the way of me writing stories that I want to write. And that's not good, when you consider they're meant to be for fun--I'm not having fun any more. I think of signing up for other challenges/bangs and it just feels like work, rather than fun.

So, I'm going to stop once that list above has been burned through. Then my plan is to get back to things like my WIP Out of the Black (a Sastiel fic) and original fiction... and a host of fic ideas that don't fit in with many bangs and I just want the luxury of being able to write at my own pace. (I'll still mod the few events that I do, but yeah.)

This isn't to say I don't think other people should take part if they want: you should, if you're going to enjoy yourself.

But I don't advise going in as deep as I have where the whole process starts to feel like a chore. Get out before that point.
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