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Fic: The Ball

The Ball

Fandom: Supernatural | Unrelated Wincest

Words: 2518 | Non-traditional ABO | AU | Explicit

House Campbell is looking to help secure the future of its pack by securing an alliance with House Winchester, a house from another pack.

Dean Campbell heads to House Winchester’s annual masquerade ball to show a willingness for his house to form a stronger alliance. That he might also find a mate there is just an added bonus.

A swell of violins buffeted Dean as he slowly walked into the home of House Winchester. His fox half-mask was heavy on his face, his tux more confining than he would have liked, the coat tails trailing past his rear, and his shoes were like flippers on his feet—their narrow long style in contrast to his usual boots. But he didn’t complain, it wasn’t his place to complain as the scent of other alphas and a few betas washed over him and made Dean scrunch up his sensitive nose under his mask.

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Tags: my fic, smpc, supernatural, wincest
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