December 1st, 2019


Gearing up


Bangs and writing challenges

Just because it's getting to the end of the year, doesn't mean I'm slowing down. Having finished my fic the Check, Please! focused Poly-Epifest, I'm currently involved in:
  • Dean/Cas Reverse Bang - I have an idea for what I want to do art for, just need to try and draw it successfully.
  • Holiday Mixtape - another SPN challenge, where you write a Christmas fic. I have an idea for this.
  • SPN Dystopia Bang - as an author, maybe an artist. Currently outlining my idea.
Speaking of SPN Dystopia Bang, sign ups opened for it today. So if you're feeling a bit like a touch of the end of the world, then why not come and join in! We're after authors, artists and beta readers. It's the bang's fourth round and my third time as a mod for it.


I've gone back to my Supernatural rewatch. Currently in the latter half of season 2. Watching it on Blu-ray and I have surround sound, and I'm noticing call bits of sound work that I couldn't hear when watching on my DVD version. I know that up to s9, I've watched the seasons a bunch of times, but it has been a while since I rewatched everything.

Nearly a year since Tumblr went to hell

I recently posted on r/fandomnatural about how my fandom experience has been since Tumblr's not safe for work content bans. Obviously I haven't been super active on most things, neither Dreamwidth, Pillowfort or Tumblr have held my attention the way Tumblr use to. And while my original Tumblr blog is no longer shadow banned (it's coming up in search again), my tags have been pretty much destroyed, making my old blog unusable.

When I launched the SPN Dystopia Bang in 2018, a few days passed and all that nonsense with content started kicking off on Tumblr. It massively affected sign ups.

Missing out on SPN gift exchanges

Another year and no Dean/Cas Secret Santa Exchange. I did this for a couple of years when I got into the SPN fandom, and I'm missing not having it run again. I heard last year that the mods just were too busy to run it, but I kind of wish they'd look for some people to take on the exchange on their behalf.

I think, maybe if my love for SPN hasn't been killed off by the conclusion of season 15, that next year I might try and run a little something. I liked how the Dean/Cas one used AO3's features to their most to try and get people matched.


I better get back to plotting!