Gearing up


Bangs and writing challenges

Just because it's getting to the end of the year, doesn't mean I'm slowing down. Having finished my fic the Check, Please! focused Poly-Epifest, I'm currently involved in:
  • Dean/Cas Reverse Bang - I have an idea for what I want to do art for, just need to try and draw it successfully.
  • Holiday Mixtape - another SPN challenge, where you write a Christmas fic. I have an idea for this.
  • SPN Dystopia Bang - as an author, maybe an artist. Currently outlining my idea.
Speaking of SPN Dystopia Bang, sign ups opened for it today. So if you're feeling a bit like a touch of the end of the world, then why not come and join in! We're after authors, artists and beta readers. It's the bang's fourth round and my third time as a mod for it.


I've gone back to my Supernatural rewatch. Currently in the latter half of season 2. Watching it on Blu-ray and I have surround sound, and I'm noticing call bits of sound work that I couldn't hear when watching on my DVD version. I know that up to s9, I've watched the seasons a bunch of times, but it has been a while since I rewatched everything.

Nearly a year since Tumblr went to hell

I recently posted on r/fandomnatural about how my fandom experience has been since Tumblr's not safe for work content bans. Obviously I haven't been super active on most things, neither Dreamwidth, Pillowfort or Tumblr have held my attention the way Tumblr use to. And while my original Tumblr blog is no longer shadow banned (it's coming up in search again), my tags have been pretty much destroyed, making my old blog unusable.

When I launched the SPN Dystopia Bang in 2018, a few days passed and all that nonsense with content started kicking off on Tumblr. It massively affected sign ups.

Missing out on SPN gift exchanges

Another year and no Dean/Cas Secret Santa Exchange. I did this for a couple of years when I got into the SPN fandom, and I'm missing not having it run again. I heard last year that the mods just were too busy to run it, but I kind of wish they'd look for some people to take on the exchange on their behalf.

I think, maybe if my love for SPN hasn't been killed off by the conclusion of season 15, that next year I might try and run a little something. I liked how the Dean/Cas one used AO3's features to their most to try and get people matched.


I better get back to plotting!


We all go to Hell

Art Title: The Boy Who Became King
Prompt Number: S2009
Artist: aceriee

Fic Title: We all go to Hell
Author: hit_the_books
Fandom/Genre: AU- Canon Divergence, SPN case fic
Pairing(s): Gen
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Word Count: 16,000+
Warnings: None
Summary: Have you ever stopped and thought about what Hell might do if it no longer had a leader?

Well, neither had Team Free Will 2.0, until they had to...

Sam, stricken seemingly by madness, ends up in a secure clinic. But when Sam disappears from the clinic, Dean, Cas and Jack realize that this isn't Sam's life finally taking its toll on his mental health. Racing to find a way down into the depths of Hell, the rest of Team Free Will hope they can reach Sam in time and bring him back in one piece. Of course nothing is ever just that simple.

Art Link(s): Ao3 | tumblr
Fic Link(s): Ao3

Got some writing done and stuff

Today I updated my Supernatural Sastiel WIP Out of the Black, which is big for me, as I hadn't posted a new chapter since 12 August last year. I've been writing new chapters here and there, but as I said in the notes for chapter 9: life happened. I'm now finally getting back the headspace I need to work on the story.

(I'm planning on posting a new chapter every other week. I have five more chapters already drafted and my beta, Threshie, is checking them over for me when time allows.)

It felt good to finally post a new chapter, as I'd been sitting on a few, writing them when I had the headspace. I've completed almost two chapters in the past week and I know where the story is going, or rather the beats I want to hit. I think doing GISH has helped me get back some of my normal levels of creative drive, because if there's one thing GISH makes you do is get creative. Plus a slow rewatch of Supernatural is giving me ideas.

Onto my other main fandom: I signed up for the Check, Please! Polya-Epifest the other week, and submitted for claims on Tuesday. I am really looking forward to writing a gift fic for someone. I like writing gift fics quite a bit and I'm hoping that I do get one of my picks. I'm also really looking forward to getting a fanwork as well.

I'm also re-reading Check, Please! in preparation for writing awesomeness for my fest giftee. I think this must be the fourth time I've read it all the way through since getting into the comic during April 2018.

So sounds like I should sound off on what events I'm involved with at the moment:
  • Story and art for Team Free Will Big Bang (multiple ships, Supernatural, posts September)
  • Story for Polya-Epifest (poly ships, Check, Please!, posts December)
  • Story for SMPC in late August (Wincest, Supernatural)
  • Art for Dean/Cas Big Bang, if I'm successful in claiming (Destiel aka Dean/Cas, Supernatural, posting Oct-Nov)

I am also considering whether or not to sign up as an author for the SPN Reverse Bang (multiple ships, Supernatural, posting November), like I have done every year since 2016.

And yes, I said previously I wasn't signing up for more challenges, but being involved with half the challenges I previously was is still way more manageable.


Fic: Inside of Me

Title: Inside of Me
Fandom: Supernatural
Words: 3107
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Warnings: Extremely dubious consent, tentacles, mpreg, eggpreg, Season 12 Canon Divergent

When Sam falls unwell after a hunt dealing with a witch and needs to have an appendectomy, all Dean thinks they need to worry about is Sam taking it easy for six weeks. But that isn't all they have to worry about.
Read on AO3 here

Written for SMPC.


Getting there

Back in May, I talked about how I was trying to wind back my participation in bangs. Here's the new status of that list from then:

  • Wincest Reverse Bang (has a complete draft, edited)
  • OMG Check Please Reverse Bang (posted)
  • Team Free Will Big Bang (has a complete draft, needs a beta)
  • Dean/Cas Tropefest (posted)
  • SPN Dystopia Bang (posted art)
  • SMPC (I am signed up to post another story in a few months and will likely stick with it - need a story by end of June)
  • Check, Please! Kink Bingo (I wrote one story, but the Tumblr purge killed all the fun)
  • (Forgot to mention before) Dean/Cas Reverse Bang (posted art)
But I've also signed up to do art for one TFWBB story. So:
  • Team Free Will Big Bang (deal with own story, make art for another)
  • Wincest Reverse Bang (has a complete draft,edited)
  • SMPC (need a story by end of June)
I think that's pretty good going. The Wincest RB fic is posing June 22 and then I'll be down to two events. I'm already feeling the free time I have all of a sudden. To the extent that I have started working on my Sastiel WIP fic Out of the Black after giving it a read through last weekend. I have eight chapters posted on AO3 already, and four more in the bank (though my beta needs to check some of them out) and I'm halfway through writing chapter 13. It's been a long time since I could work on this fic, so I'm really happy about that.

I might sign up to do art for DCBB. I'm unsure at this time.

But, here's to getting back to awesome WIP!


Fic: Pies, waves and kisses

Pies, waves and kisses

Check, Please!
Artist: @randomnoteforfuturereference (ForFutureReference on AO3)
Writer: @hitthebooksposts (bittycanbake on AO3)
Pairing: Nursey/Dex
Rating: Teens and Up
Words: 6629
Warnings: None

In a world where magic, ghosts, fae, demi-demigods and monsters are real, Nursey Patrol has a whole different meaning for poor ol' Dex and the rest of the Samwell crew.

When Nursey proposes they go on holiday to his parents' cottage in Cornwall, England, Dex manages to convince Nursey that Lardo, Shitty, Bitty and Jack should come with. Y'know, make it a couples' holiday... only he and Nursey aren't a couple yet. But hey, at least Dex will have the backup he needs for Nursey Patrol.


Created for the OMGCP Reverse Bang

Fic: Getaway

Title: Getaway
Author: hit_the_books
: deliciousirony
Rating: Explicit
Fandom: Supernatural
Length: 15,000
Pairings: Dean/Cas
Warnings: None
Tropes: Sharing a bed, Sharing Clothes


Dean finally feels like he can catch a break. Michael’s gone, Cas is safe, Sam and Jack are holding down the fort—everything is a-okay. So Dean decides to head up to Donna’s cabin for some alone time and to do some much needed repairs, but soon Cas turns up and he brings problems of his own. For some reason, Cas is experiencing some very human (and angelic) needs.

Link to fic

Link to art

Created for the Dean/Cas Tropefest

Going to be taking a break from challenges and bangs

Okay, first up: I am going to finish the bangs/challenges I am still signed up. That is:
  • Wincest Reverse Bang (needs a complete first draft, but is started)
  • OMG Check Please Reverse Bang (the story is finished and betaed, just needs some edits)
  • Team Free Will Big Bang (needs a complete first draft, but is started)
  • Dean/Cas Tropefest (my story is finished and is literally posting tomorrow)
  • SPN Dystopia Bang (I'm making art and I'm halfway through that)
  • SMPC (I am signed up to post another story in a few months and will likely stick with it)
  • Check, Please! Kink Bingo (I wrote one story, but the Tumblr purge killed all the fun)
But after all that, I'm stopping. Well, the only thing I might come back for are maybe Christmas fan work exchanges. If the Dean/Cas Secret Santa came back this year--I'd do it. Maybe a Check, Please! one, mainly because I do enjoy writing gift fic over Christmas.

I am coming to terms with the fact that I need to get over a sense of FOMO with regards to this year's Dean/Cas Big Bang, which is in its 10th year hence the FOMO. And I was signed up to do the Wincest Big Bang, but I dropped out about a month back.

Those who know me and have done for a while, know I've been pretty consistent with taking part in anything from 5 to 8+ challenges/bangs a year since 2015. Well, I think I have finally reached my limit.

I've basically gotten to the point where bangs and challenges I have signed up for are getting in the way of me writing stories that I want to write. And that's not good, when you consider they're meant to be for fun--I'm not having fun any more. I think of signing up for other challenges/bangs and it just feels like work, rather than fun.

So, I'm going to stop once that list above has been burned through. Then my plan is to get back to things like my WIP Out of the Black (a Sastiel fic) and original fiction... and a host of fic ideas that don't fit in with many bangs and I just want the luxury of being able to write at my own pace. (I'll still mod the few events that I do, but yeah.)

This isn't to say I don't think other people should take part if they want: you should, if you're going to enjoy yourself.

But I don't advise going in as deep as I have where the whole process starts to feel like a chore. Get out before that point.

Fic: The Ball

The Ball

Fandom: Supernatural | Unrelated Wincest

Words: 2518 | Non-traditional ABO | AU | Explicit

House Campbell is looking to help secure the future of its pack by securing an alliance with House Winchester, a house from another pack.

Dean Campbell heads to House Winchester’s annual masquerade ball to show a willingness for his house to form a stronger alliance. That he might also find a mate there is just an added bonus.

A swell of violins buffeted Dean as he slowly walked into the home of House Winchester. His fox half-mask was heavy on his face, his tux more confining than he would have liked, the coat tails trailing past his rear, and his shoes were like flippers on his feet—their narrow long style in contrast to his usual boots. But he didn’t complain, it wasn’t his place to complain as the scent of other alphas and a few betas washed over him and made Dean scrunch up his sensitive nose under his mask.

Continue reading on AO3